What to feed teething babies and toddlers…

Arrggghhh!  Teething!

Teething for babies and toddlers can be so painful, and it seems to go on, and on, and on. Teething was our favourite go-to diagnosis for any poor behavior or change in temperament. The crankiness, dribbling and disturbed sleep can really put a spanner in things and seems to always happen just after you’ve broken a new regime in and calm had just been restored.

There is not much for it though, lots of love and cuddles, soothing gels and plenty of dribble-bibs on the ready.  Some swear by the Amber necklaces and others just love the silicone chew toys that are great for kids to suck on.  But none of this helps to truly take the soreness away. Let’s face it, if your gums were red and sore after major dental treatment its unlikely you’d want to eat much, and definitely not challenge yourself with new foods, or manage chewy or crunchy foods.

If your little one is out of sorts due to teething, then reduce your expectations around daily activity and food intake and provide soft meal options such as hearty soups and scrambled eggs and soothing natural yogurt.  It’s important to ensure they keep their fluids up with lots of water and milk.  Fruit smoothies are another great way of getting some nutritional goodness into them.  Remember not to use any honey before 12 months.  Great fruits to use are frozen bananas, berries and cantaloupe or mango.

Kids Weetbix softened in warm milk with a cube of apple puree is a good breakfast option for a teething baby or toddler and generally keeping up frozen teething chew toys is the way to go.

But if your little one truly is refusing anything you put in front of them, don’t let this be the catalyst for bad habits setting in.  Don’t start offering choice and don’t let them become the boss of meal times.  If you know you have served an easy to eat soft meal that wont pain their gums, then you need to be strong and just move on from meal time.

I know this can be really hard but it’s important to maintain boundaries.  Remember, children do not starve themselves, if they are hungry, they will eat.

Written by Emily Dupuche, Food Babies Love


We would love to hear your baby and toddler teething tips or tricks to share with other parents. Leave them in the comments below.

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