Weaning or Refusing the Breast

Baby breastfeeding

When my baby started to refuse my breast, I panicked, it wasn’t time for her to decide she didn’t want to feed anymore!

I loved feeding my daughter, it was so very special, even though I had trouble at the start and I wasn’t able to feed my older son, breastfeeding was wonderful with my daughter.

So when she started to push away my breast and try to get herself up to see what was going on, usually with her older brother, I wasn’t ready for her to stop feeding. She was still having three breastfeeds a day with meals, but I started to question, was my milk running out, I was back working part time, did it mean the stress and exhaustion was affecting my milk? I had so many questions.

I persevered for a few days but my daughter became less and less interested and down right refused. I couldn’t force her, it was something I wanted her to enjoy. So it was time for me to let go, I have to say it was one of the most emotional times for me as a mother, I still wish (several years later) I had persevered.

It was the last time I would breast feed, as my daughter was my last child, and it makes me so sad to think I will never breast feed again. I now know I could of got support and help with keeping her on the breast for longer – whether or not I would of gone down that track I don’t know, but it still makes me ache just remembering the last few breast feeds I would ever have – the realization that breast feeding is over.

It’s one of the most emotional times for a mother when a baby starts to wean itself. Depending on whether you as a mother are ready, there are many options you can choose from, if you want to carry on feeding The Australian Breastfeeding Association has a fantastic support and help network 1800686268, as well as assistance from your local Maternal Health Nurse.

We also have some helpful tips on Weaning in our feeding guide menu http://www.feedingguide.com.au/breast-feeding/weaning/

Has your baby started to refuse the breast or have you had a baby start to wean?

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One review for Weaning or Refusing the Breast

  1. Natasha says:

    My daughter self-weaned at 2 years, 4 months when she had a cold and just couldn’t feed and breathe. I was devastated – I had fought hard to overcome her chronic reflux, my PND and her feeding difficulties in the beginning and i loved our ‘booby time’ more than anything. I sobbed myself to sleep the first night she pushed me away and trotted off to bed without a feed! After a week her cold was gone and she showed vague interest in a feed, but by then everyone had got in my ear about it ‘being time’ and that she was ‘too old’ already. I was the last of my mums group to quit feeding and so I gave in with a heavy heart. She’s a gorgeous 8 year old now, but I still miss those precious moments of ‘booby time’ when the world was reduced to simply the connection between mother and child and the warm, soft beauty of it.

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