The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake Topper Tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how to make the gorgeous caterpillar cake topper that was featured on the cake at Zoe’s Very Hungry Caterpillar Party.

Catterpillar cake

I will preface this tutorial by saying that with all the fondant I’m using I have mixed in some tylose powder (1/2 teaspoon to 250g of fondant) so that the caterpillar will dry hard. I also suggest making this as early in advance as possible (I made mine a week beforehand).

Begin with shaping some red coloured fondant (I buy the premixed red colour… the cake art brand),  and then shape into a curved rectangle. (and yes… your hand will turn red with the premixed colours!)

Roll out some yellow fondant and stamp out 2 circles (if you don’t have a circle cutter, you could try using a straw)

Place on the head to check for size and then set aside to harden.

I’ve placed some baking paper onto my surface so that I will be able to remove the caterpillar easily once it has dried.

Catterpillar cake steps 1 - 3

Using a modelling tool, make 2 holes on the head for the antennae.

Roll out some purple fondant into a thin sausage shape, making a point at one end.

Catterpillar cake steps 4 - 6

Add some water or edible glue to the holes and insert the antennae.

I did end up removing the antennae while I made the body of the caterpillar so that they could have some time to harden into shape. This is because when you set the head flat, it is easy for the antennae to bend out of shape.

To get the marbled effect for the caterpillar’s body, I used Americolor’s Leaf Green.

Catterpillar cake steps 7 - 9

Divide your fondant into 3 balls.

Colour one ball with a decent amount of green colouring, then remove a small portion of that ball and mix in with another white ball to end up with 3 balls of differing colours.

Does that make sense?!! Basically… rather than trying to colour two of the balls, the best way is to get a really strong coloured ball and to make a mid coloured ball by using a small part of the strong green fondant into the white ball (rather than using food colouring again).

Place the balls on top of each other and start mixing them in together by twisting them around.

Catterpillar cake steps - 10 - 12

Set aside a small amount of marbled green for the eyes and nose, and divide the rest into different sized balls, attempting to make your caterpillar shape.

It doesn’t matter whether these are smooth or not (you can see the lines in mine!) – it all adds to the character of the caterpillar.

Dab each ball on either side with some water or edible glue and then stick them together and squish them up in shape.

Catterpillar cake steps 13 - 15

Dab some glue/water to the left side of the head and carefully move the body and attach it to the head.

Glue on the antennae and the yellow eyes.

Roll out a small ball for the nose and then stamp out two circles for the eyes (smaller circles than the yellow eyes). The alternative is to roll up two small balls for the eyes and to flatten them into shape.

Catterpillar cake steps 16 - 19

Attach to the face.

Carefully insert 3 toothpicks as these will be used to attach the caterpillar to the cake. You can see that I was worried about one of the antennae bending out of shape, so I used a bit of baking paper to sit behind it so that it will harden in the right place.

Catterpillar cake step 20

Here is a close up of the topper on the cake :-)

Catterpillar cake finished

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  1. Gloria says:

    Nice tute, thanks for sharing, imhave a question, what kind of fondant are you using, homemade or store- bought ? Thanks , i admire your works :-)

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