Sushi Nori Rolls

Sushi rolls served
I often wished I owned a Sushi-Sushi franchise as every time I go to a shopping centre these places are hopping mad – and the great thing is that most kids love nori rolls!

You can start your baby on them as soon as they have the teeth to get through the seaweed outer, or simply peel it off.  Best not to throw them in the deep end of the raw fish though and opt for the cooked tuna or omelette varieties.

Did you know they are super simple to make yourself and can make a great lunch box item for kinder, school or even the office.  And kids love helping with the rolling!

Don’t be put off thinking these are too complex, they really aren’t.

You will Need –

1 cup sushi rice (available in supermarkets)

1 packet nori seaweed sheets (available in supermarkets)

Rolling mat.  If you don’t have a rolling mat you can use a sheet of baking paper to help you but a mat is easier to get a firmer more even roll.

2 TBS sushi seasoning

1 medium tin of tuna, drained

1 TBS Mayonnaise (I prefer the Japanese brand Kewpie but any whole-egg mayo is fine)

half a cucumber – cut into thin batons

¼ ripe avocado – cut into thin batons

Or any other filling you can think of – cooked chicken, marinated tofu, tomato pieces, grated carrot, cooked prawns, cooked salmon.

To serve –

Soy for dipping

Wasabi paste – optional

Sushi ingredients

Method -

1. Start by preparing rice to packet instructions, including stirring through 2 TBS of sushi seasoning.  Allow to cool while you prepare other ingredients and lay on a plate.

Sushi cucumber

2. Mix tuna and mayonnaise together and set aside.

Sushi tuna

3. If using a rolling mat, it helps to wet it first.

Place nori sheet shiny side down and cover bottom 2/3 with an even layer of rice.  Press down.  About 1/3 of the way up the rice start to make a horizontal line with the fillings you are going to use, eg. Tuna mix, cucumber and avocado.

Rolling sushi

4. Start rolling.  Bring bottom edge up and over fillings line and roll gently applying even pressure.  Make sure the rolling mat or baking paper are not tucking into the roll but gliding over the top.  Roll to the end.  Dip your finger in water and run it across the top edge of the nori sheet to allow it to stick.

Rolling sushi

5. Voila!  You are done.

Rolling sushi

6. Cut into desired lengths.  Half for lunch box nori rolls or 6 pieces for a platter.  Serve with soy dipping sauce and wasabi if you are game.


7. These keep well in the fridge for couple of days so can easily be made the night before making them a great sandwich alternative for the lunch box.

sushi lunchbox

By Emily Dupuche

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