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I swore by a rollover feed for my first baby – especially as he started to sleep through the night at 10 weeks!

I was very lucky I know, sleep is something we all dream of with new babies and sleeping through is the Ultimate!

I learnt about rollover feeds through a routine and sleep class I did. I was mad for routine and structure with my first, and for my son this all worked really well.

But with my daughter a rollover feed had no effect – she never slept through! Both my children have completely opposite personalities and I think this is the main reason my son is a good sleeper and my daughter isn’t.

The other reason may be because my son was bottle-fed and my daughter breast-fed – maybe this made a difference?

A rollover feed is a feed you give to your baby before you go to bed, ideally a few hours after your baby has gone to sleep. The rollover feed is given to your baby whilst they are still asleep. I can hear a few of you saying ‘What – How?’ You will be amazed how your baby will take this feed whilst still sleeping. You must keep the baby’s room dark, lift the baby out of their cot and feed in a comfortable place with no eye contact. When your baby has finished feeding you place them safely back in their cot and hope they sleep through the rest of the night not waking up to feed!

Does anyone do rollover feeds anymore? Do you or do you know anyone that does?
We would love to hear your stories – please post them below.

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