Medela B-Well Bottle Warmer

August 2012

Like the name suggests, Medela has designed another wonder product to help mummies and babies, the B-Well Bottle Warmer makes sure everything is very well when it comes to warming up breast milk and bottles for baby! One of the wonders of breastmilk is that it is packed with all the goodness a baby needs, and is ready to serve at just the right temperature. For those times when you and your baby are apart – whether it’s for work, to have a girls night out, or simply to let your partner join in feeding the baby – getting the hang of preparing bottles can seem complicated, and warming breastmilk to the right temperature can feel like a guessing game. Now, Medela has come up with a solution: a Bottle Warmer especially designed for serving breastmilk in perfect condition, and a matching Steam Sterilizer, making the whole process of preparing bottles and breastfeeding equipment much easier.
The B-Well Bottle Warmer is especially designed to gently heat breastmilk to exactly the right temperature to preserve all its vital vitamins and nutrients. Mums can relax, knowing that their baby is getting all the natural goodness of breastmilk, at the temperature baby expects, without endless testing on the back of the wrist! The milk can stay at the correct temperature for up to 20 minutes. With an illuminated visual display, it’s also perfect for letting someone else in the family take a night-feed off your hands (while you catch-up on some precious sleep); and its acoustic signal and automatic shut-off makes multi-tasking around the house and getting a feed ready easier than ever.

Medela B-Well Bottle Warmer RRP129.90

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