Difrax Bottles & Dummies – Available in Australia

July 2013

Difrax bottles

We love the fabulous range of Difrax bottles and dummies – not only do they look amazing but they have the most innovative of designs.

The Difrax S-Bottle Unique S-Shaped design encourages baby to lie in the recommended, natural curled position, which also increases the eye contact. The S-bottle has also benefits for mum and dad. The S-shaped design allows the feeding adult to sit in an ergonomically sound, relaxed position. There is less strain on the back and shoulders.

The Difrax S-Botle is perfect for combining breast feeding and bottle feeding and is suitable from birth. What we adore about the Difrax bottle is the narrow neck version fits the Medela breast pump and the wide neck version fits the Avent breast pump.

The unique S-shape means that the teat is always filled with milk, so the baby has less trouble with colic, burping and vomiting. Thanks to the unique valve in the base, no vacuum is created when baby sucks. This ensures that the baby can be feed undisturbed and sleep longer and more peacefully afterwards.

The Difrax S-Bottle’s specially developed teat has a textured soft finish so it feels like a mothers breast. The unscrewable base makes it really easy for cleaning and filling with breast milk frozen into cubes. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Difrax sootherThe Difrax Soother (Dummy) sports the unique butterfly shape and comes in a gorgeous array of fashionable colours and designs for babies and toddlers.

Difrax soothers are taste and odour free, soft, smooth and transparent silicone and easy to clean.

The Difrax soothers are strong and long lasting and stimulate the natural development of a babies palate, teeth and gum. The Difrax soother’s shield has ventilation holes, so the skin around the mouth is less likely to get irritated.

The unique butterfly shape of the Difrax dummy leaves more room for the nose and is more comfortable for baby. The Difrax soother is designed to satisfy the need to suck and prevents thumb-sucking.

The Difrax Soother is available in Combi  or Dental model.

The Difrax S-Bottle and Difrax Soothers are available online at www.kidslifestyle.com.au

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