Babyam – designed for easy and safe bottle feeding

May 2012

New to the market, Babyam has made bottle feeding simple and stress free, with its new 3 in 1 bottle preparation system. Designed to please, the Babyam looks like a stylish coffee machine, but instead of lattes and macchiato, Babyam makes your baby a perfect bottle, perfectly sterilized, exact amount of formula dispensed, and heated to the perfect temperature – heaven!

I love the Babyam 3 in 1 system, I know first hand how frustrating it is to make up bottles, sterilizing, boiling water, measuring formula, only to forget halfway through and not remember how much formula I had put in (sleep deprivation), only to have to start all over again – makes me want to cry just thinking about it!

The Babyam 3 in 1 automated bottle preparation system has been designed to make feeding your baby easier, and safer. The system automatically sterilizes the bottle and teats, mixes the formula and water, and ensures the milk is the perfect temperature, resulting in safe milk for your baby that is 99.9% bacteria-free!

The Babyam also has a timing function, so if your baby has a feeding routine, the Babyam will have a bottle prepared ready for feeding at the press of a button – how brilliant is that?!

Not only a mothers best friend, especially when we haven’t had sleep and have a screaming hungry baby, Babyam 3 in 1, takes the stress out of making a perfect bottle for baby for husbands and carers to help too.

Babyam 3 in 1 $279.





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