My baby was choking and I panicked!

First aid on baby who has stopped breathing

One of the most heart stopping, frightening times in my life was when my son was 10 months old and he couldn’t breathe – he was choking!

I did the worst thing any parent could do – I panicked! Thank goodness my husband was home at the time and he took control while I was screaming and shrieking around the house like a maniac.

Time stood still and seconds seemed like minutes, my little boy’s airway was blocked and he was suffering – I don’t know how or why (nor does my husband) maybe it was human instinct, but my husband tipped my baby boy upside down and held him by the feet – and thank god, for some miracle the little bit of crusty bread dislodged, he coughed it up and was breathing, actually screaming in fear at his lunatic parents!

After our heart rates came down to normal and I finally stopped screaming, we both realized how lucky we were – most of all because we had no idea what to do in an emergency!

Within the hour I called my Maternal Health Nurse who guided us into a St Johns Ambulance First Aid course that specialized in infants and children.

It was the best thing we have ever done, not only do they teach you what, and more importantly, what NOT to do if your child is choking, but they also teach you about burns, falls, injuries, and CPR.

I highly recommend doing one of these courses if you have a baby or young children. I also recommend making sure your baby or child is seated when eating, don’t let them run around. Also laughing while eating can cause choking, as food gets inhaled down their little pipes. Small children should avoid whole grapes, raw vegetables, popcorn, hard sweets/candy and marshmallows.

The most important thing to remember if your child is choking, and their airway is blocked, time is important – seek URGENT & IMMEDIATE medical assistance, call 000.

X Claudia

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