My Baby Vomited Blood! – Cracked Nipples

I had just arrived home from the hospital with my newborn baby daughter when she vomited up blood all over my white T Shirt!

I was all alone as my husband had taken my little boy for a play at the park, and my mum had gone to do the supermarket shopping, I thought my baby was having a haemorrhage, vomiting up her insides!

I couldn’t breathe through panic, I called the 24 hr Maternal Health Line who calmed me down and asked whether I had cracked nipples – Yes I did? – The lovely nurse explained my baby had vomited up my blood not hers.

The Private Maternity Hospital that released me that day, was reported by the nurse from the Maternal Health Line – I should never have been sent home with severe cracked nipples. She also organized for my local maternal health nurse to make a home visit to me that afternoon.

What a lifesaver, my lovely health nurse advised me to express my milk for 24 hours to give my nipples a chance to heal and my baby’s tummy a rest from all the blood! We hired a Medela double electric breast pump from the chemist that was so fabulous, keeping my milk supply up whilst giving my nipples a chance to heal.

I walked around topless to let my nipples air dry which really helped, even though it was the middle of winter – I had a scarf wrapped round my neck and a fleecy jumper folded down under my boobs, comfy trackies and ugg boots – what a sight for the post man and neighbors!

More importantly I had an amazing lactation consultant come to my home to help me get a proper attachment and make sure I didn’t get cracked nipples again. I can’t tell you what a difference this made, I just assumed breast-feeding hurt and could not believe after some kindness and patience from this lovely lady, breast-feeding could be so wonderful.

Have you ever had cracked or bleeding nipples?
Or did you have a bad experience with breast-feeding in hospital?

We would love you to post your stories below.

If you have a sore or painful nipple that could be cracked, seek immediate help from your Maternal Health Nurse, GP or Lactation Consultant.

We have some great tips on bleeding or cracked nipples in our Feeding Guide Tips Menu

One review for My Baby Vomited Blood! – Cracked Nipples

  1. Ally says:

    I too had really cracked nipples when I left the hospital. I just assumed it was normal and that they would heal up in a week or so and then everything would be great. I dreaded every feed because my nipples hurt so bad and they were cracked and covered in sores. I ended up getting mastitis when baby was 2 weeks old. Mastitis is the worst I have ever felt, i thought I was dying, it was horrible having to feed with a fever and the aches.
    Eventually it all got better and now I feed with ease, but I definitely wasnt latching properly in the beginning which is what caused my problems, plus I have a very big baby and he was cluster feeding like a maniac in the beginning.
    Its been really hard but I love breastfeeding, so it was worth the struggles.

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