Mummy Judgers

Mummy Judgers

They’re everywhere, and you may be one, and I have to admit I sometimes am one too – a Mummy Judger.

What exactly is a mummy judger you may be thinking – well it’s a parent (mostly mothers or grandmothers) that can make you feel guilty with just one look.

An example of this is when you’re doing the supermarket shopping, you have a baby attached to you in a sling, a toddler in the trolley seat and another child beside you – everyone is tired and grumpy – your child (one or all three) start to lose it – this is where the mummy judger normally turns up and gives you that look – the look that says ‘Can’t you control your chlldren’ – or the look of ‘How could you give in to a pack of lollies to keep them quiet’.

I have had plenty of mummy judgers give me their looks – not just when my toddler is thrashing herself in a wild tantrum in the middle of a shopping aisle or when I have ripped open a pack of Freddos for a minutes peace – I have had them give me their looks when I have used a bottle to feed my baby instead of my breast, or finding a lollipop in my bag to keep them quiet in a Medicare queue.

Do you know who the mummy judgers are now? Have you experienced them?

Whilst I have never been a mummy judger for any of the above, in actual fact I am the opposite and offer a smile of support, I have to admit to being a mummy judger when I see little children drink coke, or when parents smoke around their children, especially in the car.

Have you been mummy judged? Or is there something that makes you a mummy judger?

As mothers I think we should all try our best to support each other – none of us are perfect, we are all trying to do the best we can – a smile goes a long way – whereas the ‘look’ digs deep.

Love to get your comments Claudia x

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