Introducing solids made easy

Starting your baby on food is fun and exciting, and can be a little stressful too.  To make baby feeding a little easier, Emily Dupuche, Mummy of 3 and author of  the fabulous cook book Food Babies Love has some great advice.

Emily was delighted to share her Top 5 Tips on introducing solids, as she knows first hand how challenging feeding babies and children can be.

My Top 5 Tips for introducing solids

1.  Dress for success.  Feeding babies is a messy business.  Use a drop sheet, smock and waterproof bib with open catcher to minimise mess and make cleaning up a lot easier and quicker.

2. Smile at your baby.  Encourage them along their path of exploration with happy smiles, encouraging words and always explain what they are eating.  Let them know it’s broccoli, chicken or banana and they will become familiar with the words over time creating familiarity.

3. Avoid witching-hour feeding disasters, make lunch the main meal and serve a light easy to eat dinner, such as a hearty soup, when they are tired at the end of a long day.

4. If your baby is struggling with texture then simply puree further to help them get used to tastes and colours.  Gag-reflexes are common and don’t necessarily mean they don’t like the food you are offering.

5. Don’t offer choices.  If your baby doesn’t like a food don’t resort to a tried and true favourite like yogurt and fruit, as they will quickly learn to fuss until they get ‘the good stuff’.

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