Food Babies Love

We all know how stressful it can be feeding babies and children, – we have made it easy with fab recipes that babies LOVE!

Have you met the wonderful Emily Dupuche who created ‘Food Babies Love’, she is mummy to 3 children including twins and knows first hand how daunting feeding children can be. A self-professed foodie who loves her kitchen and loves preparing meals, Emily was surprised by her lack of confidence in what to prepare her then-new twin babies. She quickly learned she was not alone. Pushing through the confusion and self doubt, Emily began earning rave recipe reviews from her fellow mothers’ group mums, their babies and her own pair of mini food testers. She felt she had to share her knowledge and before Emily knew it, her next ‘baby’ was born – Food Babies Love.

“My recipes are mainly adaptations of family favourites created specifically for little palates, whilst still exposing them to wonderful tastes and food experiences through the use of fresh herbs and gentle spices,” Emily explains.

“I don’t intend to preach and I don’t pretend to know it all. What I do want is to show that baby food needn’t be boring and to help inspire mums when it can all feel a bit like groundhog day in the kitchen.”

Emily has shared some of her yummy recipes with us at but you can also purchase her book too.

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