Feeding babies and kids – fun or frightening?

Welcome to our fabulous new feeding guide! Oh how I wish I had this wonderful feeding guide when my children were born. Feeding my children has been a constant challenge since they were babies, my son has never been interested in feeding, he didn’t take to the breast or bottle, and had no interest in food, even still to this day (unless it’s in the form of a choc chip biscuit or icy pole!). My daughter on the other hand is a mad feeder, loved the boob, tries all kinds of food and eats with gusto, our challenge is picking her mood (there are many!) as to what she will eat at dinner without throwing a tantrum.

Our feeding guide has been designed to make it an easy place to find information on feeding your baby and child, filled with handy tips and easy to use recipes.

I know first hand how stressful it is to have trouble breast feeding, having had a health nurse visit my home daily to weigh my under weight son and help try to get breast feeding established. I used a double express pump with both children after a severe case of cracked nipples – the challenge of finding the right bottles, teats, sterilizers… The constant battles of feeding fussy toddlers and children, I actually took my son to the doctors because he would hold food in his mouth for up to half an hour and not swallow, only to be told that he was perfectly fine.

I plan to share many more of my feeding experiences with you all, make you laugh and feel better about your feeding challenges, but mainly I hope we have made the feeding guide a fresh and friendly place you can visit where feeding your child becomes stress free and easy for you and your family.

Bon Appetit!


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