Double Pumping – Expressing for breast feeding with both breasts.

Double breast pump

I used a double electric pump for both my babies, and both times it helped so much.

With my first baby, I couldn’t get breast feeding established, my baby was losing weight and it was recommended I hire a double electric pump to keep my supply up as well as increase it.

My second baby took to breast feeding like a maniac, but left me with severely cracked and bleeding nipples. After she vomited up blood, my health nurse recommended I give my nipples time to heal, the double pump kept up my supply, and allowed my nipples and milk to be blood free!

On both occasions my maternal health nurse recommended I hire the Medela Symphony from my local chemist, this was so much cheaper and so easy to do, my husband called around to see who had it and within the hour I had started pumping!

Using a double electric breast pump can be quite daunting at first, and you really do feel like a cow, but this double pump is so efficient. The Medela electric double breast pump had my milk flowing from both breasts so easily, but what I loved most was how quick it was. Because as we all know, as new mums trying to get sleep or rest between feeds is hard enough, so not having to spend hours expressing each breast individually is heaven!

I would quite often set myself up in bed whilst my baby slept, with a cup of tea and used the time to rest. This breast pump was so gentle whilst being so efficient I actually found it to be quite a relaxing time.

My one main tip is make sure you read the instructions thoroughly, so you get the right speed and suction from the start, it’s really easy to use as long as you know what you are doing.

A close girlfriend of mine who had twins second time around also loved her double electric breast pump, she started with the Medela Hospital pump while her twins were in the special care nursery, and when they all went home she ended up buying one because it was so efficient and helped keep her supply up as well as allowing her husband and family help with feeding.

If you find yourself in need of using a breast pump for any reason, I cannot recommend hiring a double electric breast pump enough, not only does it save you money, but the cost of your extra time is priceless as it is so quick and gentle.

The Medela Symphony can be hired all over Australia, simply visit or ask your maternal health nurse or local chemist.

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