Does my child eat enough or eat too much?

Does my child eat too much or not enough?

Is it just me or do you worry about your children? I love them so much I can’t help but worry about everything!! Lately though, I have been chatting to other mums and the one thing we all have in common is worries about our children’s eating habits.

I worry that my children are too thin and whether they eat enough, especially the healthy stuff. My friend on the other hand worries that her children are overweight, and that they eat too much – of everything.

Children grow so quickly and the one thing I have learnt from our fabulous Feeding Tips menu is that even if you follow the dietary guidelines for their age, each child is an individual.

After many years of battling many feeding issues with both my children, I have been given great advice from many doctors and health professionals that have helped to ease my worries.

My son would sit for a whole hour with the same mouthful of food in his mouth without swallowing. I was convinced there was something wrong with him and booked him in to our GP to get him checked out – I was sure there must have been something wrong with his throat!

After a full check up, my lovely doctor told me that my son was in perfect health, a good weight and if he didn’t eat dinner and anything else afterwards that he would be perfectly fine. What he was trying to tell me was not to stress over my son finishing his dinner, if he didn’t want it, I should walk away and there no harm would come to my son.

Childhood Obesity
Easier said than done! I still don’t find it easy to let my children go to bed without dinner, no matter how hard the battle is to get them to eat one mouthful of vegetables!!! But I have relaxed a bit more, I pick my battles, and sometimes I happily let them go to bed (crying for a choc chip cookie) if they haven’t eaten dinner, knowing they will be ok.

But as they get older I find myself questioning whether they are getting enough nutrients for their growing bodies, especially as each growth spurt makes them taller and leaner. I put my mind at ease by having them weighed and checked regularly at the GP to put my mind at ease.

As for my girlfriend she has her own battles, upping the exercise for both her children and making healthy snack and meal choices whilst trying not to let her children tip the scales at an unhealthy weight range.

Do you worry about your children’s eating habits? Is it constant, and if so how do you handle it?

I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.


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