Colours that make kids want to eat!

Did you know a yellow plate or bowl could make your child eat all their dinner, whereas a blue one could cause them not to take a single bite?

My son has always been a fussy eater and all these years I have been serving him up food on blue plates and blue bowls!

It certainly makes sense, when I think of blue sushi or blue scrambled eggs, it makes my stomach turn, whereas golden pasta bake and cream cheese salmon bagels cause me to dribble with delight!

The colour of our plate, food and place mat can all have an affect on our appetite – so if you need a little help in the feeding department we have designed a colour guide for happy eating:

White – can cause mindless snacking and overeating

Yellow – feel good colour & stimulates appetite

Orange – energizing & stimulates appetite

Pink – warm and happy, stimulating appetite

Red – exciting, energizing

Green – fresh, inspires healthy eating

Purple – satisfied, can suppress the appetite

Blue – suppresses the appetite

Brown – can stimulate hunger

Black – eat with caution

Claudia – Editor


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