Cluster Feeding – Constant breastfeeding from 4-7pm!

Do you find you are breastfeeding for nearly 3 hours, just when it’s time to prepare dinner, get sorted and when total exhaustion hits in? No wonder they call it the witching hour!

Both my babies would have me feeding constantly between 4pm and 7pm, I thought it was because I had no breast milk left, or my milk was watery because I was so exhausted, and then I would get even more stressed, because I would sit there looking at everything I had to do, and more importantly my routine was totally out of whack!!

Sound Familiar?

After two babies and the help of an amazing Lactation Consultant, I actually enjoyed the hours of 4pm-7pm and instead I looked forward to it. After my angel Lactation Consultant explained to me that the cluster feeding (constant feeding) didn’t mean a low milk supply, she explained sometimes evening breast milk is not as rich as the morning breast milk. Cluster feeding is very common at this time, and it can be for a number of reasons, from your baby just needing to suck and be close to you, to a slower milk supply in the evenings. So instead of getting all stressed and worked up about spending 3 hours feeding, I decided I was going to enjoy it instead, so I flicked my routine and turned Witching Hour into Happy Hour or should I say hours!

Happy Hour – Cluster Feeding

  • Prepare for cluster feeding during the day – have dinner sorted, and all the things you usually do between 4-7pm while your baby sleeps during the day.
  • Line up magazines, books and recorded episodes of your favourite shows you haven’t had time to watch.
  • Make yourself comfy, relax and marvel at your beautiful baby whilst they feed and snuggle.

You will be amazed how well your baby sleeps, and you do after setting up for cluster feeding happy hour instead of stressful witching hour.

X Claudia

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