Reindeer chocolates

It’s an emotional time at my place.  Kinder graduation for my twins…I can hardly believe it.

I got to wondering about a lovely little gift for all our Kindy friends and very quickly dismissed Candy Canes as I cant bear them, but still wondered what…..?  I remembered these totally gorgeous little Reindeers I’d seen my neighbor make a few years ago and together the Kids and I set about making them.  So cute and really deliciousstrange but true!

They make a great Christmas gift for friends and family and would make a great end to any festive feast. See Recipe Here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


1 pack Nestle Choc Melts
1 pack Jaffas
1 pack Spearmint Leaves
1 pack silver candy balls

Reindeer chocolates

You need a bit of system with these as you cant make too many at once.  Start by prepping everything which means opening packs and halving spearmint leaves lengthwise with a sharp knife.

I use a couple of flat platters that fit into my microwave and cover with a sheet of baking paper.  Lay out about 6 – 9 Melts leaving enough space for the antlers (don’t try to do more as it gets too hard).  Microwave for approx.. 1 – 2 mins.  The time massively depends on your microwave so start small and add more time as required.  You really need the melt to soft to take all the trimmings but not so soft that they loose their shape.  Have a go, you will very quickly get the hang of it.

Reindeer chocolates

Working quickly adorn each softened Melt with 2 x antlers, 1 x red nose and 2 x silver eyes.  Set aside whilst you work on the second batch.

Reindeer chocolates

You can then slide the first sheet of baking paper off the plate and onto the bench, allowing you to work on a third, and so on.  They set after about 20 mins or so.

Reindeer chocolates

I then packed two into a cello bag purchased from the $2 shop and adhered a sticker I made at home and voila, Kinder graduation pressies for all the kids ready!  Something bubbly for the teachers and perhaps a box of Kleenex for me. Still can’t believe its happening!

By Emily Dupuche, Food Babies Love

Reindeer chocolates

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