Every child is different, but the general daily nutritional guideline for this age group is:

  • Carbohydrates (breads, cereals, pasta, rice) 3 – 7 servings servings from the bread, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles group. An example of one serve is 2 slices of bread; 1 medium bread roll; 1 cup of cooked rice, pasta or noodles; or 1 1/3 cup of breakfast cereal flakes.

Use an allowance of about 20g a day for poly or monounsaturated fats and oils that can be used to spread on breads or rolls or used elsewhere in the diet.
  • Vegetables – 2 servings from the vegetables, legumes group. E.g. 1 serve is 75 grams or 1/2 cup cooked vegetables; 1/2 cup cooked dried beans, peas, lentils or canned beans; 1 cup of salad vegetables; or 1 small potato.
  • Fruit – 1 serving of fruit. E.g. 1 serve is 1 medium apple; 2 small pieces (150g) of fruit (apricots, kiwi fruit, plums); 1 cup of diced fruit pieces or canned fruit; 1/2 cup of fruit juice; or 1 1/2 tablespoons of sultanas.
  • Dairy – 2 servings from the milk, yoghurt, cheese group. E.g. 1 serve is 250 ml of milk; 250 ml of calcium-fortified soy beverages; 40 grams (2 slices) of cheese; or 200 g (1 small carton) of yoghurt.
  • Protein – 1/2 serving from the lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts and legumes group. E.g. 1 serve is 65 – 100 grams cooked meat or chicken; 2 small chops; 2 slices of roast meat; 1/2 cup of cooked (dried beans); 80 – 120 grams of fish fillet; 1/2 cup of peanuts or almonds; or 2 small eggs.

Children in this age group are encouraged to choose water as a drink. Care should be taken to:

  • Limit saturated fat and moderate total fat intake.
  • Choose foods low in salt.
  • Consume only moderate amounts of sugars and foods containing added sugars.

Source: Australian Government Department of Health


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