When a baby is teething their gums can be tender, making them more inclined to bite or chew. With some babies, teething may cause them to chew at the breast.


Try giving your baby or child something cold to chew on or rub on his gums before feeding, this helps with relieving some of the tenderness and in turn your baby will be less likely to chew on the breast.

A baby’s new teeth can sometimes cause nipples to become irritated, this is when careful attachment is the key, making sure your baby is close chest to chest with a nice open wide mouth. Rub a little breast milk over nipples after a feed, exposing them some fresh air and avoiding damp breast pads or nursing bras will also help nipples during this time.

Breastfeeding can be very comforting for your baby or toddler when they are teething. Massaging their gums can also help soothe their new teeth before and after a feed.


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