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The feeding Guide - Kate Middleton breastfeeding dress

Breasfeeding for the first time in public is frightening for anyone, let alone breastfeeding the future king with the whole world watching!

I really feel for Kate, and every new mummy, the early days of looking after a newborn are nerve wracking, even with a full staff of help (not that I would know), but having your every move being commented on, not just from her mum, grandma Queenie and all the rest of the advice givers, it isn’t easy.

I was a nervous wreck with my first baby, I had my mum and mother in law giving me their advice on how they thought their grandson should be sleeping, feeding, burping…. let alone my neighbors, friends and family also offering their five eggs every minute of the day!

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t of done it without my mums help, but as for the rest of them (especially my MIL) it didn’t help my confidence as a new mum.

I found breastfeeding difficult with my first baby and the thought of doing it in public horrified me – not the fact of exposing my breasts, but more so the judging from strangers at me struggling with feeding. I preferred to feed in bathrooms or feeding rooms if I was out, as this made me more relaxed.

When my daughter came along and breastfeeding was easier I still found I didn’t want to get my boobs out in public, so I used to throw a muslin wrap over my shoulder to feed.

These days we have some fabulous choices with special feeding tops and clothing designed to make feeding more discreet and mummy more comfortable.

Duchess Kate was seen leaving Kensington Palace wearing a Blossom Knot breast-feeding dress by UK maternity wear specialists Seraphine. The dress is specially designed for new mums who are breastfeeding, it has now sold out online and has a 4 week waiting list.

What I love about the photo of Kate in her breastfeeding dress, is how real the Duchess is with her hair tied back in a messy pony-tail and big sunglasses on. Showing she is an exhausted new mum, no blow dries or full make-up, heading home to get some help and rest from her own mother.

Feeding guide - breastfeeding dress


























We have some great Australian companies with stylish breastfeeding clothing and are two of my favourites.

Do you have a piece of breastfeeding clothing that you loved? We would really appreciate any of your personal tips or recommendations on making breastfeeding in public more comfortable.

If you are in the early days of breastfeeding a newborn, our new fabulous ‘how to’ breastfeeding videos by real mums are great for gaining tips and confidence -

Love to hear your feedback and comments – it helps us help new mums.

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