While a baby is teething, it may cause them to become fussy while bottle feeding. Generally teething symptoms are minor and don’t cause a baby distress, if gums get a little swollen and inflamed it may cause a baby to chew or bite as a form of relief.

  • A baby may not feed well while teething, this doesn’t last long, only a few days. If your baby is still fussy feeding on the bottle after a few days seek medical advice as it may be due to illness and not new teeth.
  • Teething may cause your baby to chew or bite on the teat rather than feed as this may soothe his gums.
  • Try giving your baby a cold hard teething ring to soothe gums before a feed.
  • Massage your baby’s gums to help soothe them.
  • If your baby bites or chews the teat and it becomes damaged in any way, throw it out immediately.
  • Teething can cause a baby to suck and chew and a bottle can be soothing for a teething baby.


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