Ban Coke for Children!

Child drinking Coke

I don’t allow my children to have Coke – I’m not popular, and by no means perfect in any way but it’s the one thing that I have stuck by and am so proud of.

Don’t get me wrong I love a Diet Coke, but allowing my children to have a shot of caffeine and chemicals in the form of a coke scares the living daylights out of me.

I know how a swig of Diet Coke makes me feel, it quickens my pulse and gives me a buzz and strangely makes me want more – imagine what this would do to a little child’s body?

Sadly I seem to be quite alone in this Coke ban for children, many a party my children have attended coke is on offer, as well as children’s houses they visit for a play date. But proudly parents report to me, in awe, that my children told them they weren’t allowed coke and politely declined the offer – High Five for Mum!!!

I know it won’t be forever, but for now my children understand why I don’t allow them to have coke, I explained what it does to their body and teeth and even took an extreme measure of showing them exactly what it does to teeth and coins on You Tube – that was enough to scare them into avoiding coke for a few years yet!

The health of my children is so important. Sure I let them have treats like chocolate and lollies, hot chips and McDonalds, but only on special occasions. With Coke it just seems like I would be giving them some sort of illicit drug, it just doesn’t sit well with me.

But my question is why do so many children’s party venues offer coke to minors, the one main culprit in this group is a sporting party venue – it doesn’t make sense.

Don’t get me started on sports drinks…

Am I alone in my ban of Coke for children? Do you feel the same way or do you think I’m being over the top?

4 review for Ban Coke for Children!

  1. Sarah says:

    I totally against my son having anything other than water or milk. Juice and soft drink are all empty calories. For a treat he might have a milkshake or smoothie, but other than that, it’s just milk and water. I know his grandparents give him juice on the sly thinking I won’t know, but I can keep on instilling to him that it is not intact a healthy option. Have an orange rather than a glass of orange juice. Being diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, I see food and drinks in a different light
    Also, the way I see it is that you would not give your child a cup of coffee, so why give them a can of coke. They don’t need it!
    I don’t think you’re being over the top, at the end of the day, they’re your children and you get to control what goes into their mouths, because you’re their mum and you said so that’s why!

  2. Tamara says:

    No, I agree with you. I drink coke but I won’t be letting my one year old daughter near it for as long as I can. I was a big coke drinker for a long time but stopped when I was pregnant and then found it didn’t appeal to me the same way and that I got headaches after the first couple I had again. It is easy to get hooked again but I rarely drink it now so I don’t feel so bad not allowing her to have it.

  3. Melissa Smith says:

    My child will not ever drink coke either, caffeine gives me anxiety at the best of times what is it doing to these kids- no way in hell I say

  4. melza says:

    who really cares what you allow your kids to drink or not drink …. its personal choice same with alot of things in life …. why should it be banned just because you personally don’t believe in giving it to children yes it is over the top its pushing your opinion of something on to other people which is wrong

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