Baby Teeth – Can breast or bottle feeding cause teeth problems?

Baby Teeth

I have experienced and seen many a teeth problem in babies and toddlers caused by bottle feeding, dummies and yes breast feeding too!

My own personal experience was watching my little girl develop a terrible over bite from her dummy. It was the straw that broke this mummy’s back – I loved the dummy, it helped soothe my little girl, it helped her sleep, I think I needed it more than her. So selfishly I was in no hurry to say goodbye to her dummy, until one morning when she was 3 (yes I am embarrassed), when I saw her close her mouth that and she had a big gap between her teeth – her jaw was forming around her dummy!

The fairies left a note with fairly sparkles galore that same day to say they were coming to get her dummies and bottles to help build their fairy kingdom – she was so excited and happily leave them in the ‘fairy drop off spot’ in the garden. While I sweated in panic as bed time neared, my little girl was happy going to bed with her new big girl bedtime toy the fairies had left her as a thank you for her dummies and bottle – I could, and still can’t believe how easy it was!

As for breast feeding, one of my kindergarten mummies who breast fed both her boys until they were 5 had terrible dental issues with her children and the dentist told her it was caused by long term breast feeding. (It is clinically proven that breast feeding does not cause tooth decay, it is usually due to other contributing factors).

With bottle feeding on the other hand it is clinically proven that the pooling in the mouth of milk when babies and children are left with a bottle can cause tooth decay.

So whilst a bottle or dummy can be very soothing for a baby, toddler or child (or mummy), the dental problems associated with them far outweigh the scary thought of giving them to the fairies!

Have you had any dental issues with your little ones?

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