Baby Food in a Pack, Jar or Tube?

Buying baby food from the supermarket that hasn’t been freshly cooked and prepared by you can be daunting. It’s all part of mother guilt, speaking from personal experience it comes early and never seems to leave! When I first bought my first jars of baby food to take on a plane trip, I certainly didn’t have the fabulous array of brilliant organic, fresh baby food there is today. I had jars of Heinz fruit and vegetables and my son loved them, needless to say I stocked up and always had a few jars or cans stocked in my baby bag that were so helpful when I was running late and he was hungry – my advice is ditch the mother guilt and treat yourself to some of the fantastic baby food that comes in a pack!

Buying baby food and snacks from the supermarket is easy, the shelves are stocked with organic baby food, healthy snacks and healthy purees – but it can be a bit of minefield choosing what is best for your baby or child.

For a healthy choice, look for products that have no preservatives, additives, added sugar and are low in sodium – even if they are organic, look for simple ingredients.

Healthy packaged foods and snacks are great for travel and on the go, but fresh is best, not only for your child, but for your hip pocket too. Packaged food can get costly, so keep it to a minimum and go with fresh fruit, cheese and wholemeal sandwiches when you can, but don’t feel guilty at buying packaged baby food and snacks as they make life easy, fun and are healthy too!

Enjoy – Claudia

Image Source: Fotolia

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