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Feeding your baby as a newborn and beyond is one of the most wonderful experiences you will ever have – it can also be one of the most stressful too.

Having the right help, tips and equipment can make a world of difference. As fellow mums who have both breastfed, bottle fed, combined both, and had our fair share of problems along the way, we have designed a Baby Feeding Essentials Guide that will help you and your family feed your baby in the most natural, comfortable and stress free way.

Effortless Expressing – more milk naturally

At some stage when breastfeeding, even early on, using a breast pump can help in so many ways. Whether it’s for helping with breastfeeding problems, babies and mothers being separated or cracked nipples, finding a good breast pump is essential.

A good product for expressing is the Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump – it really does offer comfort and more milk for mums and babies naturally – here is why:

  • Relaxed mothers feel more comfortable and express significantly more milk, more easily. The Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump has been developed to do just this, 25 years of research has gone into designing the most comfortable and efficient breast pump for mums, as Philips AVENT are dedicated to helping mothers breastfeed for longer.
  • No spilling breast milk and no back pain – love it! The unique AVENT Comfort breast pump allows mothers to sit back comfortably in a chair, or propped up in bed without having to lean forward in an awkward position. The breast pump has a unique breast shield design that allows the milk to flow directly into the container whilst the mother sits comfortably which will enable her to express more milk naturally.
  • A baby’s natural peristaltic sucking behavior is perfectly mimicked by the AVENT Comfort breast pump by combining breast compression with gentle suction. Clinically proven to be effective, the AVENT Comfort breast pump’s massage cushion with soft petals gently compresses the breast to stimulate the milk flow. This innovative cushion has a distinctive, velvety texture that feels warm on the breast, which helps mums relax even more while expressing.
  • Easy for mum, with no effort required. The lovely ergonomically shaped handle of the AVENT Comfort breast pump is great for effortless fingertip control, making it easy to create and maintain a tight seal on the breast making pumping simple.The feeding Guide - Avent

Natural way to Bottle Feed – combining breast & bottle

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, finding a bottle your baby will feed from in a natural way, and well, isn’t always easy.

We have found the Philips AVENT Natural Bottle range is fantastic for both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mothers and those who want to combine both. The Philips AVENT Natural range has been developed and designed to reflect the way babies feed naturally – these are some the reasons why we recommend the range:

  • The specially designed breast shaped teat has been developed for babies to easily latch on, the AVENT Natural wide teat shape helps the baby to continue the same natural peristaltic tongue movement and sucking behavior that they use on the breast.
  • Research shows that 8 out of 10 babies feed from the AVENT Natural teat easily when introduced to the AVENT Natural baby bottle. Inside the teat, special comfort ‘petals’ increase softness and flexibility, so the teat won’t collapse, no matter how enthusiastically your baby is feeding. This makes feeding your baby more natural and comfortable.
  • The advanced anti-colic system of the Philips AVENT Naturals range is fantastic, the two valves vent air into the bottle and not into your baby’s tummy so you get uninterrupted and more contented feeds.
  • We love the design of the Philips AVENT Naturals bottle range, the wide bottle neck is so much easier to fill, clean and sterilize and it’s BPA free. The clear markings on the bottle make it easy to make accurate measurements, and super easy and quick to see how much milk your baby has been fed. The extra comfortable shape of the AVENT Natural bottle makes it simple to hold and grip in any direction, even for little baby hands!

Philips AVENT is dedicated to helping mothers breastfeed for longer, however they also appreciate that on occasion, some mothers are not able to feed on the breast. Philips AVENT have collaborated with leading health professionals, scientists, conducted research with more than 15,000 mothers worldwide and 25 years clinical experience to develop and design the Philips AVENT Natural Bottle range and the Comfort Breast Pump making it more natural, comfortable and easier for mothers, babies and families to combine breast and bottle-feeding.

This feature is Sponsored by Philips AVENT

The feeding Guide - Avent The feeding Guide - Avent

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