Whilst teething doesn’t cause discomfort or any problems to some babies, others can get swollen or painful gums.

  • Teething can cause your baby to chew or bite more, as this soothes gums.
  • Teething can cause some children to fussy feed or be off their food for a few days. It soon passes and appetite should resume normally, if not seek advice from a GP, as symptoms may not be teething related.
  • Massage your child’s gums; this can be soothing for some.
  • Offer a firm and /or cold teething ring they can bite on if they enjoy chewing.
  • Choose cold soft foods like yogurt and fruit purees that will help soothe gums and don’t require chewing. Some babies like something hard to knaw on when they get new teeth, rusks can be good for this.
  • Teething can cause some children to dribble, to prevent rashes wipe the dribble regularly and keep their chin and mouth area dry.


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